Reidsville Vital Information

11 September 2023

Location: First Baptist Church, Reidsville

409 S Maine St., Reidsville, NC 27320 (click on address for Google driving directions)

Attire: BLUE

Here is the page describing our attire choices

Those that ordered tunics and ties will be able to pick them up at the concert. Come a bit early to take care of that.


Last call to reserve a lunch or dinner. Also you must let us know on that form if you want to be seated (this is for choir only–orchestra automatically get seats. 🙂 EVEN IF YOU DO NOT WANT A MEAL, please fill out the form so we know that as well. GO TO THE FORM NOW

WhatsApp Group

About 30 of you are still not a part of our WhatsApp group. You miss out on important information and prayer needs that are shared in the group. Here’s the link to the information to join.

Concert Order

You can find the concert order here. Be sure to have your music in order.

Name Tags

Everyone will receive a new TWO-SIDED name tag on September 11 (they were supposed to be 2-sided last year!). Returning people may want to hold on to your old tag in case you lose the new one. Please just remove the lanyard from your old tag and use it with the new one you will receive. We will have extra lanyards, if needed. We hope these name tags will be used for at least two years, so please take good care of yours.


Remember to pray for our worship concert, for those attending, for our choir, orchestra and leaders, and for yourself particularly. Pray that God will transform lives.

Next Season’s Dates

Have you put next season’s dates on your calendar yet? Check them out here.

Orchestra Selections for September 11

In case you missed the earlier communication, here are the pieces that Joel has scheduled for this event:


1. Be Thou My Vision, arr. Jeff Cranfill

2. 10,000 Reasons, arr. David Winkler (Michael Bentley, conductor)

3. Fanfare and Processional on God of Our Fathers, arr. Camp Kirkland

4. America the Beautiful, arr. Dan Marvin (King’s Brass arrangement)

Offertory – The Love of God, arr. Camp Kirkland

ORCHESTRA: Don’t forget to bring you music stands and stand lights (if desired)


Please be sure to have the first and last songs thoroughly memorized by September 11–House of the Lord and Ascription of Praise. Continue to work on all others so you are very familiar with all the songs.


10:00   Instrumentalists arrive 

10:30 Orchestra rehearsal

12:30 Lunch for those who pre-ordered

  1:15 Seating for SATB rehearsal

  1:30  SATB rehearsal

  2:45  Break & community time

  3:30  Sectional rehearsals

  4:10  SATB rehearsal

  5:00  Announcements and prayer time 

  5:15 Choir to supper and attire change

  5:15  Orchestra spot-check rehearsal

  5:30 Orchestra to Supper and attire change 

  6:30 Choir lines-up for concert

  6:35  Orchestra in place for concert

  6:40 Choir enters

  6:45 Orchestra begins prelude

  7:00 Welcome and opening prayer

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