New WhatsApp Group for NCBSO Messaging and Community

You may have read about our worship community that NC Baptists have on the chat app WhatsApp (#1 chat app in the world). It has been a great place to connect people and share information in the NC Baptist worship world. Within the community lies individual groups that can communicate with each other (in a chat group). In addition, any notices that are important to all groups will be shown to all in the community.

I have formed a group for the NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra. It will be a place we can ask questions and share prayer requests and celebrations with each other. You can also find other members to connect with as needed. To join the group, just click on this link from your phone, and it will get you connected. If you do not have the app, it will ask you to download and install it. The link will then register you to the group.

Your section leader may want to have a group with just you all in it to be able to connect your members throughout the year. I think this would be awesome!

Please be sure to upload a picture and your first and last names so everyone will know who you are. I think this may be the missing piece we need for overall communication in our group.

This will be a more social addition to our NCBSO communication and resourcing. The site is primarily for resources and detailed communication. WorshipPlanning is for letting us know you will be attending a worship concert and for brief email messages to the group. WhatsApp will take on more of a social, community nature for discussions, questions and sharing. Thank you for getting connected in ways that helps our group thrive!

In addition, if you would like to be a part of group of NC Baptist worship leaders who can discuss issues relevant to leading a worship ministry in the church, click on this link and join that group as well.

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