New Members and Sections for Small Groups This Year

Please review both sections of this before coming to the retreat.

Welcome our new members to NCBSO this year! What a joy to see so many additions!

2023-2024 New Members
First NameLast NameVoice PartInstrument
RupertAinsleyTenor 1
AnneBasdenSoprano 2
DaveBusterORCHESTRA ONLY – Not a singerTrombone, Bass Trombone
AmyCoxSoprano 1
DarinCoxORCHESTRA ONLY – Not a singerFrench Horn/Tenor Horn/Flugelhorn
StephanieDickersonSoprano 2
StaceyHelmandollarAlto 1
MargretHolland-CuthriellSoprano 1
EllaLazenbyAlto 1
BradyMartinTenor 2
KatherineMcRaeAlto 2
AaronOttenTenor 1
MonicaOttenAlto 2
TerrieRossAlto 1
BrianSmithORCHESTRA ONLY – Not a singerfrench horn
FredSmithORCHESTRA ONLY – Not a singerTrumpet
KathyWallAlto 1
LukeWatersTenor 2
NikkiWilliamsAlto 1

Please check out this document to see the group you are assigned to for our care groups. You will be meeting together at the retreat and will be connecting throughout the year. You will need to select one person to be your leader this year during your meeting together Thursday afternoon. If you do not find your name on this list, please email me immediately; it may have been accidentally left off. (Note that this is a multi-page document)


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