Meal Orders for Asheville Are Overdue

If your name is not on this list, we have not received a meal order for you and YOU MAY NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO EAT PROVIDED AT THE CHURCH.

Sorry to be a bit harsh, but we spend way too much time trying to get compliance on this every month. Remember, you have to order and prepay for your meals to have them provided.

Bill Austin
Brenda Beam
Jim Bearden
Michael Bentley
Joy Hodge Blashaw
Troy Bradsher
Chris Bridges
Blaine Britt
Robin Buchanan
Rick Cagle
Bill Collins
Debbie Cowan
Darin Cox
Amy Cox
Jody Crafford
Dan Cuthriell
Scott Davis
Donna Davis
Jim Dougherty
Mitch Duncan
Michael Ennis
Vicki Erwin
Carol Forgas
Michael Fussell
Tracy Garrett
Kevin Garrett
Sandra Gilliland
Susan Graham
MIchael Handy
Allen Harris
Connie Hastings
Sally Hewett
Charlene High
Margret Holland-Cuthriell
Harper House III
Dawn Hughes Anderson
Carol Hydrick
Jessica Isaacs
Dana Jenkins
Jen Johnson
Kenny Lamm
Lisa Lamm
Kim Lance
Jim Lawson
Sherry Lawson
Ella Lazenby
Karice Ledford
Ed Locke
Karla Lowman
Becky Marshall
Brady Martin
Michael McKnight
Diane McLelland
Linda Meadors
Kathy Mercer
Lyle Milligan
Marty Milligan
Ernie Moore
Monica Otten
Aaron Otten
Robby Phillips
Claudette Phillips
Lisa Qualls
Ted Reed
Rodger Roach
Judy Roach
Linda Rose
Terrie Ross
Michael Saviak
Charlene Smith
Brian Smith
Randy Spainhour
Ruth Spangler
Grant Stanley
Joyce Stephens
Brian Teague
Melanie Truitt
Bob Truitt
Jonathan Turner
Mark Valletta
dave varnas
Alan Villanova
Janet Villanova
Nikao Wallace
Luke Waters
Fred Weber
Fran Wilson
Andrea Winter
Tonya Zucker

2 thoughts on “Meal Orders for Asheville Are Overdue

    1. I too sent in that I did not need any meals since I was not coming to the concert but my name is on the delinquent list. Ethan/Kenny -please be sure that Joel and Becky do not reserve any meals for W. Asheville concert.

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