NCBSO Schedule for 06 November 2023 NC Baptist Annual Meeting

I am so excited that we have been invited to participate again this year in worship leadership for the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Baptist State Convention of NC. I believe you will bring a great sense of praise and worship to that Monday night meeting. As a special bonus, we are having a missionary commissioning service that evening!

I am thankful of how God is at work in our group. I believe your worship is contagious as you lead others. Check out the schedule below. Note that we prepare and rehearse at Friendly Avenue Baptist Church in Greensboro, have a mid-afternoon meal, then go over to the Koury Convention Center for final preparation.

These meetings are a huge production, and timing for rehearsals, etc. is very strict. Thank you for flexing to make this work. You will notice that your meal is mid-afternoon because there is no time for a normal evening meal. Please feel free to bring some snacks along and we will provide some as well.

I am thankful to Friendly Avenue Baptist Church for allowing us to use their facilities, and Connie Hastings for making food and other arrangements for us.

I thank God for each of you!


PLEASE NOTE!!!!! ORCHESTRA will wear BLACK and those in the choir loft will wear BLUE.


You should already have What He’s Done and House of the Lord memorized. Hymn of Heaven MUST be by memory. Thank You, Jesus needs to be from memory if possible. Only folders allowed for those who do not know their music–no folders on the first row. Please also know (which you probably already do) Down at the Cross (Glory to His Name).

I know this is asking a lot, but having these from memories exponentially increases your ability to lead well in worship.


  • Rejoice the Lord Is King (3:00)
  • How Deep the Father’s Love (4:00)
  • Who You Say I Am (4:00)
  • 10,000 Reasons. (3:30)

CHOIR SELECTIONS – Pre-service concert (16 minutes)

  • Is He Worthy? (4:45)
  • One Day (When We All Get to Heaven) (5:30)
  • House of the Lord (leads into the service) (ALREADY MEMORIZED) (4:30)

CHOIR SELECTIONS – Missions Sending Celebration – BY MEMORY

  • Thank You, Jesus for the Blood (NEED TO HAVE FROM MEMORY IF POSSIBLE)
  • Hymn: Down at the Cross (Glory to His Name) (download/view music here) NO ORCHESTRA ON THIS ONE
  • What He’s Done (ALREADY MEMORIZED)
  • Hymn of Heaven (will reprise at the end). (NEED TO HAVE FROM MEMORY)


I will be sending out more information on our catered lunch in a future release. Stay tuned.


Orchestra should bring their music stands (NONE PROVIDED AT KOURY)

Here’s the detailed schedule.


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