Your New Resource and Communications Hub for NCBSO

Beginning today, all resources and most communication will be housed at Each time a new post is published, you will receive an email that states that a news update has been posted with a link to the article/resource. You can click the link to view the post. Additionally, you can always login to and click on News Updates to see ALL updates and resources so you never have to search through emails and other places to find things you are looking for. I hope this will be a great help for resourcing and communicating.

Additionally, will interact with you as well, particularly to find out if you will be attending a specific concert. It will also be used for some minor messages that will not need archiving at Ethan is uploading all the information to WorshipPlanning in the days ahead and you will receive an email asking you to add details to your account. Please do that ASAP.

If you have not enrolled as a user at yet, please do so so that you will have access to all our resources and communication.

I hope all of this will make communication and resourcing work well for you this year!


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