Welcome to our new site!

Our new site will be a hub for information for non-members as well as a protected member site that will hold a host of news and information throughout the year. There is also a Facebook-like platform for our members to interact throughout the week. I’m still building this plane even though it has launched, so be prepared for changes to better meet our needs.

Here is the plan for the new season’s communication needs:

  • NCBSO.org will be our central hub of information and interaction. You will go to the NEWS UPDATES tab to see information for the choir. You will find learning aids for all the songs (audio and PDFs) to help you prepare and review (PDFs are coming once the music arrives). You will have the ACTIVITY area to interact with each other in a Facebook-type environment. You can create groups to have discussions for various projects the choir is working on as well.

  • WorshipPlanning.com will be the application Ethan and I will use to send out notifications to everyone. For instance, we will send out invitations to each concert that will require you to respond yes or no. We will also send out emails with other information or perhaps links to newly-posted information at NCBSO.org. WorshipPlanning will nag you until you respond with your plans for attendance at each concert so we don’t have to do that!

Check out all the new music for the upcoming season. Right now, I just have audio for you to preview. Take a look!


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