Updates for the October Worship Concert

I’m still praising God for the amazing worship concert in Spring Lake. Carol Ann and I both agreed that it was probably the best first concert of the season we can ever remember. Your musicianship and passion set such a great worship environment. Please pray now for our upcoming time of worship in Burlington. I told someone yesterday that I feel God is at work in the NCBSO and I can’t wait to see what He does in and through us this year.

Now the necessary but not fun things: Nearly 20 of you have not responded to your WorshipPlanning requests. I know a few of you are having issues responding on your phone. Please try a computer, if possible. Delaying letting us know whether or not you are attending the next concert adds work to us that we really don’t need!

Have you filled out your meal order form? Remember the price goes up soon if you wait. If you wait too late, you will need to pack your meals because we do not guarantee any food will be available at site.

If you have not ordered your meals, please do so before the price increase. Click here for the form.

Please pray for me as I leave to train worship leaders in Cambodia on Monday (working with the International Mission Board of SBC). I will be away two weeks. If you contact me, you will not hear back from me until just a few days before the concert, if then. Please direct any needs/questions to Ethan at enunn@ncbaptist.org. Part of my time there will also be mentoring a select group of worship leaders that will take the curriculum I have developed to use in training other worship leaders around Cambodia. Exciting times!

Please have memorized for the next concert I Speak Jesus, Behold Our God, I Sing Because I’m Happy.

I thank God for each of you!! Praying for a great worship concert in October.


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8 thoughts on “Updates for the October Worship Concert

  1. Praying as you travel and teach, Kenny!
    I had a friend from Germany visiting us since the retreat, and she attended the Spring Lake concert. I’ve been very burdened for her salvation, had been praying to have spiritual opportunities with her while she was here. Conversations over the years have led me to believe she may be sensing the Lord drawing her in. On the way home she talked about how amazing the concert was and how she really liked what the pastor had to say. When we got home, she asked more questions and talked about really wanting to have peace, and how it seemed like the pastor was saying that everyone has something bad they deal with, but God can make it ok. She says that out of all the friends she has, there is only ONE who believes that God even exists – all others are atheist or agnostic. She wanted to hear and know more, and I was able to share some scripture with her and pray with her. The concert and messages presented there definitely gave me a wide open door to talk with her, at her own request! Please keep “Svenja” in your prayers as she is back home in Germany that her heart will continue to be soft to the Lord, and that spiritual truth and opportunities will be presented to her.

    1. What a great testimony of how God can use our group to plant seeds in lives. I am thankful that you were there to help her explore some of her questions. Praying for Svenja! Also, thanks for the prayers for the mission work!

  2. A good friend attended the worship service in Spring Lake. It was his first time attending one of our concerts. He said something that struck me as profound. He said, “the music was amazing, worshipful and presented by gifted singers on loan from God”. On loan from God as all Christians should be described I thought.

    1. So thankful. Much is planned, but much will come together organically as we interact with local Christians. Pray that God would open many divine appointments that we don’t even have on our radar. Pray for many worship leaders to sacrifice the days for training. THANK YOU!

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