More updates and lots of resources now available

First of all, if you have not read my start your engines post and/or have not yet registered if you intend to join us next season, please take a look at that post now.

Today I have completed posts for every choral anthem with audio and PDFs so you can begin working on all the music to have it prepared by retreat time! Click on this page for some basic information and note the menus on the right side for some very important pages for you.

The repertoire page will give you audio players for all our songs, plus you can click the titles to go to the song’s resource page. Also on the right sidebar you will find hyperlinks to all the song pages as well.

You will find the page on concert attire for the year and have an opportunity to purchase what is needed if you do not already have the required attire.

Getting ready for the new season has more start up information for you.

Audition for solo parts is where you go to tryout for solos in choir songs and worship leading opportunities with the congregation. Check it out and get your audition tracks turned in!

We do hope you will be familiar with all your choral pieces BEFORE coming to the retreat. As in the last couple of years, we have reduced some rehearsal time to have more time to bond and build our group spiritually, which I believe is of great importance to our effectiveness. This does require working individually on the music before coming.


Once Joel completes the selection process for the orchestra feature music, that will be placed on this site so you can begin working on it.

All the orchestration for the choir pieces is in and once the processing of all the files is complete, I will be sharing that with you.


Several songs have solo parts. As last year, we will have a system where you can send in an audition mp3 to us as decisions are made for primary and alternate soloists. Please consider taking part in this!


We will continue with the same two choices we had last year. Nothing new to buy unless you (1) lost it, or (2) outgrew or undergrew it. You will be able to place orders for replacements as needed.


Many have asked if The Worship Ministry Guidebook would be available at the retreat. The answer is “yes.” I will have copies available to you at a deep discount to use for yourself or for the worship leaders in your church. You can learn more at If you want a prepublication copy, they will be mailing out before July 17 to any NC Baptist church for only $7 including shipping. Order yours at this form. NC Baptists are subsidizing these, therefore, we are only selling these to NC Baptist churches. Anyone outside of that realm will be able to purchase one on Amazon or other booksellers on July 17 or afterwards.

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