Spring Lake Attendance and Future Procedures for Concert Registration (VERY IMPORTANT)

We are continuing to tweak our systems for signing up for upcoming concerts. Thank you to the vast majority of you who responded to WorshipPlanning requests and to your meal orders. In the future, we will not be reaching out to those that do not respond. WorshipPlanning automatically sends out another notice every two days until you respond. You do not need to log in to respond to those inquiries. (If you have any problems, please let me know specifically what is happening so we can get tech support on it). Just click the appropriate answer. If you receive another email in two days, do not ignore it–your response was not registered earlier; the nagging every-other-day emails quit once you comply.

MEALS. You will receive the meal form in addition to the WorshipPlanning inquiry. You must order your meals and successfully pay for them to have the church-supplied meals on the concert days. You always have the option to bring your own meal. The price is set by the church with a max of $7 for lunch and $10 for supper. HOWEVER, if you wait until two weeks before the concert, there is a price increase of $3 added to the lunch cost and $5 added to the supper cost. This is being instituted to encourage you to fill out the form in a timely manner (you have about two weeks to do that). Waiting until the last minute adds much more work to the administration of this group. With 120 of you, it can get a bit overwhelming when many are not complying with deadlines. I personally spent quite a bit of time over the weekend trying to see who had not responded and reach out to many of you.

If you do not get your meal order in by the deadline of 8 days before the concert, no meal will be ordered for you. You will need to bring food for yourself unless the church offers a walk-in option.

You may think that filling out the meal form will let us know you are coming. That is true, but we then have to go in manually and tell WorshipPlanning that you are coming. We need that notification to automate many other pieces of administration for the concert that goes unseen by most of you. Just know, that clicking that WorshipPlanning ACCEPT button saves us a lot of time.

I am sorry if this may seem harsh, but we are all adults and our administrative structure and bandwidth do not allow for us to see who is not complying and spend time trying to get them to respond, order meals, etc. I am doing all I can to set in place systems that allow this choir to continue into the future and thrive without the tremendous number of hours spent on administration in the past that should not be needed if people take responsibility by responding to two surveys: WorshipPlanning.com (to find out if you are participating or not) and a form to purchase your meals.

Here is an example of what we are looking at for responses:

If we have all the information from the host church, about 4 weeks before a concert date, you will receive a notice from WorshipPlanning.com asking about your planned attendance at the upcoming event. You merely respond with ACCEPT, DECLINE or TENTATIVE. You can also leave us a note. It should be as simple as clicking the correct response in your email or text message (if you set that up in your account).

You will also receive a meal order form about the same time. You must respond to that BEFORE two weeks prior to the event for regular pricing. If you wait until 2 weeks before the event, the pricing increases by $3 and $5 for the meals. The form will close at midnight on the Sunday night 8 days before the concert so the final numbers will be sent in on Monday morning. If you have not responded by then, meals will not be provided unless the church provides a walk-in option.

Timeline for Burlington Worship Concert:

  • Tuesday, September 12 – WorshipPlanning.com and meal surveys sent out.
  • Sunday, October 2 – last day to order meals at regular price ($7/$10)
  • Monday, October 3 – meals may still be ordered, but price increases to $10/$15
  • Sunday, October 9 – last day to order meals

I want you to know I LOVE this group and am so excited about this year’s ministry. I hope you understand that because of that love for this group and my desire to see it flourish into the future, I must work to get us more individually responsible in complying with simple requests. Thanks for helping out in so many ways!

Here is the roster of people attending Spring Lake by assignment:

RoleSep 12, 2022
6:45 PM
Alto 1Annette Tilley
Becky B Marshall
Cindy Wrenn
Joy Hodge Blashaw
Kathy Mercer
Sherry Lawson
Tara Jackson
Vicki Erwin
Alto 2Debbie Kelly Cowan
Deborah Richardson
Diane S McLelland
Fran Wilson
Jan L Van Swearingen
Kay Martin
Linda Rose
Lisa Lamm
Marty Milligan
Robin Buchanan
Tracy Garrett
BaritoneAaron Ledford
Baron Hignite
Chris Bridges
Ed Locke
Michael Conrad Saviak
Richard Suggs
Robby Phillips
Scott Davis
BassBob Lowman
Jim Dougherty
Jim Lawson
Robert Bresch
BRS Bass TromboneLarry Respess
BRS French HornDan Cuthriell
Glenn Turner
Louise Burroughs
Whitney Beaver
BRS TromboneChristopher Dale
Cynthia Overman Campbell
David E Thayer
Fred Weber
Lyle Milligan
Michael Bentley
BRS TrumpetBill Collins
Blaine Britt
Bob Truitt
Dave Varnas
Joel Neil Marshall
BRS TubaBill Austin
Choir DirectorCarol Ann Forgas
Kenny Lamm
HarpJoyce Stephens
OrganConnie Hastings
PERC Bells/PercussionJim Bearden
Melanie Truitt
RHY Acoustic GuitarRick Cagle
RHY Bass GuitarMitch Duncan
RHY Drum SetNikao Wallace
SAX Bari SaxMichael H Handy
Soprano 1Brenda Beam
Connie O Hardison
Dana Jenkins
Jean Mays
Jessica Isaacs
Karla Lowman
Linda Meadors
Lisa Qualls
Mary Keltner
Susan Graham
Tonya Zucker
Soprano 2Carol Hydrick
Connie Hemric
Donna D Davis
Jennifer Ferrell
Karice Ledford
Kim Lance
Ronda G Spena
Ruth Spangler
Sally Hewett
Sandi Brady
STR CelloMichael McKnight
STR String BassCathy Leathers
STR ViolaRebecca Brambila
STR ViolinAndrea Winter
Enjonae Anderson
Cindy Beaver
Jody Crafford
Jonathan Turner
Tenor 1Ernie Moore
Michael Ennis
Robert Mays
Tenor 2Brian Teague
Grant Edward Stanley
Harper H House III
James F Wrenn
John Schortinghouse
Kevin Garrett
Mark Valletta
Marten Spena
Paul West
WW BassoonJen Phelps
WW ClarinetJoyce Haney
Keith Longmire
Michael Fussell
Patricia S. Wright
Theresa Turner
WW Clarinet/Bass ClarinetWayne Davis
WW FluteJane Gravely
Sandra Gilliland
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