Several Very Important Updates for NCBSO


We have our last worship concert of the season in two weeks. I thank God for the amazing season that we have had, and I thank God for you who have been faithful in attendance and preparation–both musically and spiritually. To God be the glory!

Please be in fervent prayer for this final worship concert of the season.

I have uploaded a PDF copy of the schedule for Charlotte that you can access on this page. Remember to spend some time with the song, Million Notes.


I hope you plan to join us next season. Here are the dates you need to have on your calendar:

Note the retreat dates for 2023 AND 2024.

Registration for membership will be open in a few weeks.

Be thinking about additional younger people that you can recruit to join us. We need lots of younger members to keep this ministry going into the future and to add more vibrancy to our worship concerts. Pray that God will expand our reach.


If you have a song that you think would fit well with our ministry to use in our worship concerts next year, please take time this week to submit the song to us. We will be meeting in three weeks to plan next season. Please be in prayer for that process. SUBMIT YOUR SONG SUGGESTIONS HERE.


I am really excited about this year’s EXPO. We will have Travis Cottrell leading worship with the Brentwood Baptist Church team from Nashville, TN. He will be one of the leaders of the choir retreat (limited to 300 people) that will encourage so many of our church choirs.

I am planning to have a choir and orchestra lead with Travis at the event and I would love for that to be YOU. It would require a Friday night rehearsal and an overnight stay for those of you that live too far to commute, I will be polling you very soon to see who would be able to attend. I hope to have 500-700 people in attendance and I want them all to experience the fact that choirs and orchestras can be a vital piece of worship. I believe you are the perfect group to do just that. However, I realize it is a lot to ask with a concert in September and October already. I will poll you soon to see if there is interest.

You can learn more at Make plans to bring everyone in your worship minstry – bands, vocal teams, pianists, tech people, children’s choir leaders, orchestra (retreat led by David Winkler) and more. Travis Cottrell and John Bolin will be two of the people leading a choir retreat for a choir limited to 300 people through much of the Saturday. This is a great opportunity for your church choir to get resources and encouraged in their ministry!

We will also have choral reading sessions on Friday afternoon with Celebrating Grace, Brentwood-Benson, Semsen Music and a compilation of lots of favorite anthems of John Bolin. Don’t miss that!

The event will be held at Salem Baptist Church in Apex, NC (near Raleigh) on Saturday, September 30. The reading sessions and rehearsal for worship will be on Friday, September 29.

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  1. Looking forward to our last concert of the season! The link to submit songs for next year says that it is no longer accepting recommendations – perhaps it’s from last year? But we aren’t able to submit suggestions. Have a great day!

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