Season Update from Kenny

Can you believe next week is retreat week? It has come so fast. Ethan and I have been scrambling to get everything set up for the year. There is so much behind-the-scenes that goes into getting the year ready. Today, I believe I have finally managed to get our three key databases updated to this year’s membership–deleting former members, adding new members, and updating some returning members.


New members and those returning after a year of absence were added to two platforms, which are communication and resource hubs for you.

One is The members’ area (where you are reading this) has lots of resources, including audio files and PDFs of this season’s music for you to begin learning. If you are an orchestra member, your music is ready to download. Every time I post information on this site, you will receive an email alerting you to go and check it out.

Another connection will be This is the application we use for you to let us know your expected attendance at each event. It also is used to send out emails to our members from time to time.

If you have not already, check your email for logging on to these sites. Choose a password, upload a headshot of yourself at each place and fill out the other needed information there.

Then, go to and click on MEMBER AREA. There you will find all the previous posts related to the choir. Note the IMPORTANT LINKS on the right side of the page. Check each of these out for information you need concerning attire, repertoire, audition information for solo parts, etc.


We do hope you will have all your music at least to familiar form by time the retreat occurs. You have all the resources you need to be learning the music. You can view or download the music, you can listen to the music, and some have vocal part tracks. We want to have plenty of time in our retreat to focus on relationships and spiritual things in addition to putting the music together.


PLEASE try out for one of the solo parts of the role of leading one of the congregational songs. Go to this page for more information. Please get your tryout audio to me by Sunday night ( If you need any more time, email me ahead of time and we can discuss that. This is so important. Those roles can really help our times of worship tremendously. There are five songs that need solos!


As mentioned, registration closed last week so we can get all the preparation done. There are a couple of additional people who are working to get everything they need to become members. Otherwise, we cannot accept additional people this season. We have one of the or perhaps the largest group I can remember. Lots of great new members are joining us this season.


Please pray for this season beginning now. Pray for each member as they prepare. Pray for the worship concerts that God would be exalted and people would be drawn to Him. Pray that we will experience great freedom in worship as we praise and worship with excellence worthy of the King.

Kenny Lamm

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  1. Thanks Kenny. I’ve been having trouble logging in. This link got me right in. I need to let you know… I will be at the retreat on Thursday but I’ll be leaving on Friday to Port Canaveral.. my sister and I are going on an 8 day cruise on the Carnival ship: Mardi Gras. I’ll definitely be at the first concert andI plan to be at every concert this year. I’m a bit nervous about this cruise cause I’ve never been on a cruise before 🙃😎

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