Sanford Concert Order & Schedule

Please have your music in this order for the worship concert at Cool Springs. The schedule appears after the concert order listing.

Orchestra Prelude (recordings found here)

  • How Great Is Our God with How Great Thou Art, arr. Winkler
  • Cornerstone, arr. Kingsmore
  • Celebration of American Spirituals, arr. Kirkland

Welcome & Opening Prayer

A Festive Call to Praise (orchestra) 

Congregational Song: New Name Written Down in Glory (orchestra)

I Sing Because I’m Happy (piano, percussion, bass guitar, double bass)

Psalm 23 (strings & woodwinds) 

All to Us MEN’S CHOIR (piano, rhythm section) 

Behold Our God (orchestra) 

Congregational Song – O Praise the Name (orchestra)

Orchestra Feature Song (orchestra) – Beautiful Savior, arr. Winkler 

Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet  LADIES’ CHOIR (a cappella)

Congregational Song – I Must Tell Jesus (brass & rhythm)

My Jesus I Love Thee (piano & strings) 

Give Me Jesus (piano & strings)

I Speak Jesus (orchestra) 

Benediction  & Closing Remarks

Ascription of Praise  (piano, keyboard)


10:00   Instrumentalists arrive 

10:30 Orchestra rehearsal

12:30 Lunch for those who pre-ordered

  1:15 Seating for SATB rehearsal

  1:30  SATB rehearsal

  2:45  Break & community time

  3:30  Sectional rehearsals

  4:10  SATB rehearsal

  5:00  Announcements and prayer time 

  5:15 Choir to supper and attire change

  5:15  Orchestra spot-check rehearsal (if needed)

  5:30 Orchestra to supper and attire change 

  6:25 Choir lines-up for concert

  6:35  Orchestra in place for concert

  6:40 Choir enters

  6:45 Orchestra begins prelude

  7:00 Welcome and opening prayer

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