Be sure to arrive in plenty of time for picking up music, nametags, etc. Feel free to come early and walk around campus some. This is surely a wonderful place to experience the closeness of God!

You will stay, eat, sleep and spend time together in the conference center. See the map for more information. All rehearsals except men’s sectionals and one instrumental sectional will be in Hollifield Hall. The sectionals will be held on the bottom floor of the conference center as well as our world-class dining experiences.

When you arrive, you will find your key, if you are spending the night, on the table in the lobby of the conference center (across from Hollifield Hall).

You will pick up your folder and nametag along with ordering your attire in Hollifield Hall. There will likely be an orchestra rehearsal going on, so please be quiet as you interact and then depart the hall when you have completed your tasks there.

If you are in the orchestra, be sure to have all your music downloaded/printed before arriving unless you have worked out other arrangements. Don’t forget to bring your music stands.

Choir members using tablets should have their music ready to go.

Everyone should be familiar with the songs before arriving. Our 1:45 rehearsal will be singing some of them with orchestra before we have time to really work on them. This will give us the experience of enjoying the sound of choir and orchestra together before much of the orchestra departs later in the afternoon.

I have included the schedule once again below for your reference.

Be thankful that our food has no bad calories while at Caraway. It is all blessed and good.

I am thankful for each of you and look forward to our days together!!!! To God be the glory!

Caraway Conference Center & Camps | 4756 Caraway Mountain Rd | Sophia, NC 27350


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