Retreat Schedule 2021

Caraway Conference Center, November 18-19, 2021


Bring your music and your nametag (new members will receive a nametag, returning members should bring theirs)

Orchestra will set up in Hollifield Hall (the main auditorium) this year–not in the basement of the hotel building. Orchestra only members should plan on being at Caraway from 9:30 am – 3:45 pm on Thursday.

Choir members that need to update their folders, get nametags, etc. should arrive between 11 and 11:30 to get these tasks done before lunch at noon.

All meetings will be in Hollifield Hall except meals in the Dining Hall and men’s sectionals (location TBD).

Bring a water bottle, if desired (we are not providing bottles of water except perhaps at break time)

THIS SCHEDULE, except for meal times may change as needed throughout the time we are together. BE FLEXIBLE!!!

Thursday, November 18

  9:30   Orchestra arrives, sets up for rehearsal in Hollifield Hall

10:00   Orchestra Rehearsal – orchestra feature pieces and Psalm 23

11:00   Choir arrives for folder updates, nametags, etc. as needed in Hollifield Hall

12:00   Lunch for Everyone in Dining Hall

  1:00   Welcome, Introductions, Discussion (and a little bit of craziness) in Hollifield Hall

  1:45   Sing through all pieces with orchestra accompaniment in Hollifield Hall

  2:30   Special time for orchestra and choir (with beverages) in Hollifield Hall

  3:45   Orchestra only members may depart, SATB rehearsal (piano/keyboard accompaniment) in Hollifield Hall

  5:00   Dinner in Dining Hall

  6:10   SSAA/TTBB Rehearsals in Hollifield Hall (ladies) & Miller (men)

  7:00   SATB rehearsal in Hollifield Hall

  8:15   Worship

  8:30   Ice Cream Fellowship in Dining Hall

  8:45   Section Leaders Meeting

Friday, November 19

  7:15   Breakfast in Dining Hall

  8:15   Morning Worship in Hollifield Hall

  8:30   SATB rehearsal (piano/keyboard accompaniment)

  9:45   Fellowship Break (beverages provided) / Checkout

10:30   SATB OR SSAA/TTBB rehearsals if needed Hollifield Hall & TBD

11:00   Final run-through of all songs Hollifield Hall

12:00   Close (leave Caraway before lunch)