New Member Application for NCBSO

Welcome! We are so glad you are interested in being a part of the NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra.

Note that orchestra members may also sing with the choir when they are not playing. You can choose to be an orchestra member, choir member, or both.

All members must be affiliated with a NC Baptist Church affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of N.C.

All interested people must first read the membership guidelines and agree to accept these (two pages).


If you are on worship/music staff at your church

You can go directly to the registration form and sign up for the season here.

If you are not a worship/music staff person (spouses or others seeking to be a part of the group)

You will need to do the following:

  1. Agree to the guidelines above
  2. Have your worship pastor/minister of music fill out a recommendation form. Send this link to them and ask them to fill it out ASAP:
  3. If you want to be a singing member of the group, record yourself singing Amazing Grace at the link below, and send the link of the recording to
  4. If you want to play in the orchestra, you will need to record yourself playing your instrument–a familiar part or solo–at the link below and send the link of the recording to
  5. If you want to BOTH sing and play in the orchestra, you should do a vocal AND instrumental recording and send both links in.

Once we receive the recommendation and the online audition recording(s), our team will meet and get back to you shortly.