Nearer My God to Thee

Latin Pronunciation NEW!!
Latin Pronunciation with a bit something added…


Hey, choir!  So excited and looking forward to being back with you in just what seems like a few very short weeks.  As you’re looking/listening and trying to make sense of this piece, please make note of the following important changes we will be making.  

We will be doing this with full orchestra.  All voices will sing their parts as written UNTIL m. 52.

  At that point, we will create TWO independent choirs.  

If you are a FIRST SATB, you will stay on your part as usual.

If you are a SECOND SATB, you will look at the men’s system, and find what would normally be your part.  THIS is the SECOND CHOIR.   In other words, I you are an Alto 2, you will be singing the Tenor 2 line.  If you are a Soprano 2, you will be singing the Tenor 1 part…and so forth.  

Jessica Isaacs, I would like for you to join the Sopranos singing the Tenor 1 part in the second choir.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact me directly at and I will be happy to help.

We need MEN to audition for this solo.  Please don’t be shy!

LATIN  (i) = ee, (e) = eh, (o) = oh, (u) = oo, (a) = ah  There is NO long ‘A’ sound in LATIN

Example:  Articulo would be pronounced Ah(r)TEEcoolo (no “Q’ sound)

Cae = Ch-eh

We will use the soft  ’S’ rather than a harder zed 

Translation of the Latin: At the point of death Heaven gives me the strength of God’s help, not to be afraid forever.


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