NCBSO Virtual Choir Project.

Welcome to the Virtual Choir Project


  • Choose a place with a non-cluttered, pleasant background that will not distract from your presentation. Make sure there is soft lighting in front of you so you can be seen well (more than the light behind you).
  • Plug in your earbuds or headphones into your device and play the video embedded below. You can also download the video to play if you prefer. You should hear the track in your ears, but the video recording of you singing or playing should only record you or your instrument. (Do not play the track in speakers that will be picked up by your microphone.)
  • You will need to set up your iPad or mobile phone that will be recording you in the landscape position (wide left to right) so that it will video you singing or playing in normal orientation. Be sure it is secure so it is still during the video. Check out this video from another director on how to position your camera.
  • ALTERNATE PLAN WITH ONE DEVICE: You can play the video of Kenny directing on your laptop, use earbuds/headphones, and record the video from your laptop webcam (i.e. one device). Mac users can use Quicktime to record. PC users can use the Camera app to record.
  • Set your device to begin recording.
  • Play the video of Kenny directing the song and sing/play along.
  • NOTE: You will hear “1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4” at the beginning. The second “1” is the beginning of the song. The track’s music actually begins on the 3rd beat of that measure rather than on 1 as written (altered for recording).
  • IMPORTANT: To help sync your video, please clap and/or say loudly (in staccato) the SECOND 1-2-3-4 during the recording process unless you play in the first two measures. That’s right. say strongly and punctuated, “1-2-3-4” on the second 1-2-3-4 or clap your hands if you prefer. This helps Kenny sync your video with the other videos.

Instructions on the 1-2-3-4 opening sync
  • Sing looking into the camera as much as possible and sing just like in choir (but maybe more pleasant??).
  • Once the song ends, stay still and smile at the camera for a few seconds, then stop the recording. Do not worry about too much extra video at the beginning or end of your video–it will be edited.
  • You will need to name the video your name and voice part/instrument (Mike Johnson_Baritone.???. Do not change the file extension that may be MOV or MP4 or other.
  • Then upload your video to this site:
  • You are done. Wait for the beautiful compilation.
Click here to download.