What a great night we had in Shelby! Thank you for your preparation spiritually and musically for the worship concert. We saw answered prayer last night! I am already looking forward to our next gathering! You should have received a notice from WorshipPlanning today asking for your response concerning your attendance for the next concert.

Thank you for all the testimonies I heard from many of you of how God is at work in your lives as you have interacted with the article I sent you about Preparing for Revival. If you have not yet listened to the sermon and read through the follow-up, please do so. Join me in praying for revival to break out in our churches.

Here is a note from Carol Ann:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ (aka NCBSO),

My heart (and ears) are STILL ringing with the glorious sounds from the concert at Elizabeth Baptist Church of Shelby.  I wish you could have heard the dozens upon dozens of positive comments flowing in from congregation last night.  Hearts were filled, smiles were in place, and the love of CHRIST was in the room, surely leaving with the souls to spread throughout the area!  

THANK YOU does not even begin to cover my heartfelt appreciation for your participation!  I truly believe it was the best concert of the season, thus far.  You’ve set the bar high!

I am so very thankful for the work you’ve done, the musicians and people that you are, and for to joyfully and musically leading our people to such lofty praise.  I love you all. 

Until next time, 

Carol Ann Forgas

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