Last minute notices for Charlotte

It is hard to believe our final worship concert of the season is Monday! Just a few things to remember:

  • You will turn in your folders at the end of the concert. There will be totes to place your folder in. Please remove all personal items and used Kleenex (yes we have had those turned in in the past!).
  • If you will not be at the concert, you can either send your folder with someone that is coming or ship it to us ASAP at Kenny Lamm, BSCNC, 205 Convention Drive, Cary, NC 27511.
  • Be in prayer for our time on Monday. It is easy to assume that God will move as we have seen in the past times and fail to ask Him to do a great work. Pray now. Pray several times Sunday. Pray as you travel to Charlotte. Let’s come praying and expecting a great night!
  • We will be singing Million Notes. Please make sure you have reviewed that piece. Carol Cone will be present in Charlotte! For those of you that are new. Carol was Carol Ann’s predecessor. She served as accompanist for the women’s group from 1984-2008 and then began conducting until she retired in 2019. I am so thankful for her leadership all those years.
  • Be sure to check out the schedule to see when you need to arrive.
  • Go to your social media accounts and share the worship concert with your friends. You can go to my page and share the video if you like.

I am looking forward to our time together!!


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