Invitation from Andy Roby for individuals to join him at Carnegie Hall

I received this from one of our former directors. If you have interest, please check out the additional information at the link provided or contact Andy.

Thank you for your help in sharing with your choral singers the invitation to perform Elaine Hagenberg’s Illuminare in May of 2024 in Carnegie Hall. I am honored to have been invited to conduct a wonderful new choral work in such a beautiful and historic setting, and would be equally honored to have you and some of your choir members join me.

Registration for the trip is now open. You and your singers have several options for registering and planning the trip. 

  • OPTION 1: Your singers can register and make arrangements through MidAmerica Productions, which is the company sponsoring and promoting the concert. They have most likely already been in touch with you. They have options at a couple of different pricing levels, depending on whether singers want to make all of their own arrangements or have MidAm handle the travel bookings for them.
  •  OPTION 2: Your singers can use the same provider we are using with the Greenville Choral Society, Sapphire Tours and Travel (Paula Zackeru). Sapphire and Paula are offering a complete travel package at a great price. There is an easy online portal for registering if you decide to go with this approach. We have found Paula to be an excellent travel consultant and have come to rely on and trust her to take good care of us. You can learn more at the portal:   You can also call or email Paula for more info or to get help with anything. Her phone is 646-504-9390 and her email is .

If you know of singers outside your church choir who may be interested, please feel free to share the information with them, too, or send their contact info to me and I will follow up.

I am deeply grateful for your help in offering this opportunity to as many singers as possible. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if I can be of any help or can provide more information to you. By the way, you probably noticed that this email was sent from Em Troyan’s email address. She is helping me with communications and will also be glad to help you get answers to any questions you may have.

Keep in touch!


Andrew Roby, D.M.A.

Concert Choir Director

Greenville Choral Society

704-477-0402 (mobile)

252-756-5314 (office)

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