Garner Vital Information

22 April 2024

Location: Aversboro Road Baptist Church

1600 Aversboro Rd, Garner, NC (click on address for Google driving directions)


Share the graphics and invite your friends to come to the worship concert. Blow up social media with a great message!

Attire: BLUE

Here is the page describing our attire choices

Music Return!

Choral folders should be turned in at the conclusion of the service in Garner. If you will not be there, send your folder with someone OR mail it to Ethan Nunn, BSCNC, 205 Convention Drive, Cary, NC 27511. We need those by early May so there will be time to process them for next season.


Aversboro Road Baptist Church is providing our Italian dinner at no charge to us as a way to bless us. THANK YOU!!!

Lunch will NOT be served at the church due to our late start schedule.

Ride Sharing

Check out this new map to find people close to you that can share rides to our worship concerts.

WhatsApp Group

Several of you are still not a part of our WhatsApp group. You miss out on important information and prayer needs that are shared in the group. Here’s the link to the information to join.


You can download the Garner concert order and schedule here. Be sure to have your music in order.

Name Tags

Be sure to bring your nametags with you.


Remember to pray for our worship concert, for those attending, for our choir, orchestra and leaders, and for yourself particularly. Pray that God will transform lives.

Next Season’s Dates

Have you put next season’s dates on your calendar yet? Check them out here.


You should have the following songs by memory by now: House of the Lord, Ascription of Praise, Hymn of Heaven, What He’s Done, Can’t Carry These Burdens Alone (ladies’ piece) and Thank You Jesus for the Blood. It is obvious if you are using your music while everyone else is singing from memory. Please spend time getting these songs ready. You will have lyrics on the back screen.

Orchestra Notes

If you need a copy of Great Is Thy Faithfulness, click here and find your part. You can hear the song here:

Don’t forget to bring you music stands and stand lights (if desired)

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