Cuba Missions 2021

I just received an update on the ministry that has taken place in 2021. Due to COVID, our missionaries had to shift their work to providing for the great need of hunger in Cuba as well as move away from the musical training aspects since churches were not meeting and music lessons/rehearsals were considered too risky. As you can see, the missionaries we support did amazing work to be the hands of God, sharing His love with those in desperate need. Thanks for your ongoing financial support. We still need additional support for 2022 to cover the missionary salaries. Contact me with questions. I outline ways to provide support at the bottom of this page.

Kenny Lamm

Letter from Elio

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with pleasure that I share with you general information of the helps and support God allowed us to give to many families during this difficult time of pandemic.

You know that the Hands, Harp and Voice Ministry works and serves with the funds received from brothers, sisters, friends, churches and Ministries. God has put in your heart to give donations, these donations are useful to help the poorest and neediest. Thank you very much! It wouldn’t have been posible to help so many families without your help.  May the Lord reward you with His blessings!

From March 2020 to October 2021 (Hard time of Covid)

– 260 Tons (572 000 pounds ) of food: (Malanga, plantain, yucca, squash, beans, rice, corn flour, milk, eggs, sugar, oil, chicken, pork meat, ground meat, etc.)

–  5600 Families. (24 000 People) Mainly seniors, children, sick people. Holguín, Moa, Baracoa, Maisí, Santiago de Cuba.

   For 19 months, we have been able to help many families every day. Out of these 5600 families, the poorest and most numerous received this help every two or three days. Other families received this help once a week and others occasionally, depending on the need of each family.

– Help with food, 100 pastoral families.

Other help with food and finances.

– Eastern Cuba Baptist Convention Senior’s House.

– Mothercraft Center in Baracoa.

– Hospital in Baracoa.

– Centers for sick of covid 19.

Note: All these helps came from the donations of many churches, sisters, brothers, friends and the production of the missionary farm.

We are very grateful to the Lord and to all the donors for your support in this area. We pray and hope to be able to continue helping in this way, because there is still a crisis and it increases.

The work of our Ministry has been focused in helping families with food. We will continue doing this until February 2022, then we will continue helping only the families with extreme poverty and we will refocus on the support to Music Schools and Church Planting. Therefore, we thank you on your support.

Elio Mora. Hands, Harp and Voice Ministry


If you would like to make monthly donations, the best way is through a regular bank draft through your bank’s online bill pay. 

Set up a bill-pay with this address: 

BSCNC Worship Ministry 
205 Convention Drive
Cary, NC 27511

In the memo, indicate: Cuba Worship Missions

Let Kenny know what you are sending so we can make sure the money goes to the right place.

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You can also donate online by clicking the link below or filling out the embedded form below:

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