Charlotte Concert Order, Attire, Meals and Schedule

Please have your music in the order shown for the worship concert.
The schedule appears after the concert order listing.

24 April 2023

1500 Suther Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213
Take time to pray for each other and for the people attending that God would do a great work in and through us.
Prepare the song Million Notes for this concert. Bring your music and spend some time preparing before you come. Rehearsal time is limited
Note the schedule changes for this week (same as last time). Everyone arrives AFTER lunch!
Attire: BLUE

REGISTERING YOUR ATTENDANCE: We are having an issue with the renewal of our WorshipPlanning account. Hopefully that will be resolved in the next day or so and registration will continue.

Worship Concert Order

Orchestra Prelude (recordings found here)

  • Cornerstone, arr. Kingsmore
  • Be Thou My Vision, arr. Allen
  • O Praise the Name, arr. Kingsmore

Welcome & Opening Prayer

A Festive Call to Praise (orchestra) 

Congregational Song: New Name Written Down in Glory (orchestra)

I Sing Because I’m Happy (piano, percussion, bass guitar, double bass)

Psalm 23 (strings & woodwinds) 

All to Us MEN’S CHOIR (piano, rhythm section) 

Behold Our God (orchestra) 

Congregational Song – O Praise the Name (orchestra)

Offertory (orchestra) – Celebration of American Spirituals, arr. Kirkland

Million Notes (piano) (this may move from this spot–stay tuned)

Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet  LADIES’ CHOIR (a cappella)

Congregational Song – I Must Tell Jesus (brass & rhythm)

My Jesus I Love Thee (piano & strings) 

Give Me Jesus (piano & strings)

I Speak Jesus (orchestra) 

Possible Congregational Songs – How Great Is Our God & Shout to the Lord

Benediction  & Closing Remarks

Ascription of Praise  (piano, keyboard)

Orchestra members, please remember to bring your own music stand, tuner, clip-on light, and all music as we will review non-concert pieces.

Meal and Seating Reservations

University Hills Baptist Church will be providing our dinner meal at NO CHARGE as a blessing to our group! There is no reservation form this month.

If you are a choir member and want to be seated, please email Ethan at and let him know you need a seat. We will assume those that needed one last concert will also need one this time UNLESS we hear from you. THANK YOU!


12:30 Orchestra arrives to set up.

1:00-2:15 Orchestra rehearsal

2:00 Fellowship (choir begins and orchestra joins when they finish rehearsal)

2:45-3:15 Sectional rehearsal

3:25-5:15 SATB rehearsal and prayer time

5:15 Supper (orchestra may stay behind if needed to work problem areas)

6:25 Choir lines-up for concert

6:35  Orchestra in place for concert

6:40 Choir enters

6:45 Orchestra begins prelude

7:00 Welcome and opening prayer

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  1. I regret that I will be out for the Charlotte concert. I will send my folder with one of the other FBC, Burlington people. I will also send the bag with extra blue tunics and ties should anyone have need of them. I will be praying for a marvelous, uplifting concert for all – singers and congregants.


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