Burlington Concert Order & Schedule

Please have your music in this order for the worship concert at Grove Park. The schedule appears after the concert order listing. If you need overnight accommodations, the church leadership indicated any of the hotels in the area were fine.

Orchestra Prelude

  • How Great Is Our God with How Great Thou Art, arr. Winkler
  • In Christ Alone, arr. Kirkland
  • Celebration of American Spirituals, arr. Kirkland
  • Jesus Loves the World, arr. Cranfill

Welcome & Opening Prayer

A Festive Call to Praise (orchestra) 

Congregational Song: New Name Written Down in Glory (orchestra)

I Sing Because I’m Happy (piano, percussion, bass guitar, double bass)

Psalm 23 (strings & woodwinds) 

All to Us MEN’S CHOIR (piano, rhythm section) 

Behold Our God (orchestra) 

Congregational Song – O Praise the Name (orchestra)

Offertory Prayer 

Offertory (orchestra) – Beautiful Savior, arr. Winkler 

Nothin’ Gonna Stumble My Feet  LADIES’ CHOIR (a cappella)

Congregational Song – I Must Tell Jesus (brass & rhythm)

My Jesus I Love Thee (piano & strings) 

Give Me Jesus (piano & strings)

I Speak Jesus (orchestra) 

Benediction  & Closing Remarks

Ascription of Praise  (piano, keyboard)


10:00   Instrumentalists arrive 

10:30 Orchestra rehearsal

12:30 Lunch for those who pre-ordered

  1:15 Seating for SATB rehearsal

  1:30  SATB rehearsal

  2:45  Break & community time

  3:30  Sectional rehearsals

  4:10  SATB rehearsal

  5:00  Announcements and prayer time 

  5:15 Choir to supper and attire change

  5:15  Orchestra spot-check rehearsal (if needed)

  5:30 Orchestra to supper and attire change 

  6:28 Choir lines-up for concert

  6:30  Orchestra in place for concert

  6:38 Choir enters

  6:43 Orchestra begins prelude

  7:00 Welcome and opening prayer

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