April 2024 Updates to our new registration process for 2024-25

There seems to be some confusion today about the registration process. I have adjusted a few things here with our final process in place ready to go. Please read carefully.

As mentioned a few months ago, the next season will have a new registration process in place. This is being done for two reasons: (1) we have a large waiting list of people who want to join and very little, if any space to grow, (2) there was chaos in registration last season with people registering at the last minute and trying to process all the new members with auditions, etc. This new approach will calm the chaos and make sensible provisions for adding new members as space is available. Deadlines will be held strictly in order to keep things manageable.

Please note that every member of our group this year committed to attending AT LEAST four worship concerts during the season (this includes singing for the annual meeting of the BSCNC). Members that did not meet this requirement may not be eligible for membership next year since there is the possibility of us having to turn down many requests due to space issues. Commitment and excellence are two necessary qualities of membership for us to be able to be most effective in our ministry. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL YOU CAN COMMIT TO THIS ATTENDANCE REQUIREMENT, you should probably take a year off to give space for those who are eager to serve.

We will be communicating more about this to keep you on deadlines in the next weeks. Stay tuned. You will have between April 23 and June 2 (midnight) to register to return to the NCBSO for the next season. If you miss that deadline, you will not be guaranteed a spot in the group. Those that miss the deadline will enter the new applicant process that includes auditions and other items not required of returning members.

NOTE: This year you will need to upload a headshot picture with your registration form. As last year, you will also need to submit your life verse that will go on your nametag. We MAY be reusing the current name tags, so keeping the same verse would be helpful if that works for you.


April 23

Registration opens for returning members (those that are participating THIS YEAR). Returning members MUST register by June 2 to be guaranteed a place for next season. Those registering after June 2 will be in the same “pot” with new and returning members wanting to join and will not be guaranteed a space. Returning members will use a registration form that is different from new and previous members (i.e. those not in NCBSO this year).

May 13

Application season opens for new and previous members. Priority will be given to (1) the primary worship leader (worship pastor, minister of music, etc.), (2) other paid worship staff, (3) denominational/college/seminary leaders, then (4) other participants in worship ministries of NC Baptist churches. All applicants will submit an audition mp3, a written testimony and a recommendation from the candidate’s church primary worship leader (we have a form for them to fill out). If we determine space is limited in the group, who is admitted may depend upon what parts are needed to fill out the choir and orchestra as well as the audition/recommendations results. Note, those requiring an audition and recommendation will have instructions on how to prepare all of that before the date registration opens for them to ask for membership (so they can apply as early as May 13 with completed information). The date a person registers in this period will also weigh in on admission decisions if space is limited. The date a prospect completes their application materials will be noted.

June 23

The last day to be considered for membership unless openings remain.
Applicants will go through a vetting process and will receive word by June 28 that they can fully register or are declined membership. They must fully register no later than July 14.

IF OPENINGS REMAIN, the process continues…

July 4

Late fee of $50 (on top of the normal fee) will be imposed for applications submitted on this date and following

July 10

Last day to register. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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